I’ll try and help with any repair I can. Repairing broken screens and power jacks on laptops are regular repairs that come through. As is replacing or upgrading a hard drive in your laptop or PC.

Popular repairs:

  • Replace damaged power jacks on laptops
  • Replacing damaged Screens on laptops
  • Replacing damaged optical drives on laptops and PC’s
  • Replacing damaged/non-working keyboards on laptops
  • Replacing and installing damaged hard drives on PC’s and laptops (data recovery may be possible)

Popular Upgrades:

  • Upgrading to a Solid State Drive to improve performance (ask about our awesome cloning service for easy transfer from Hard Drive to Solid State)
  • Adding additional hard drives to PC’s
  • Increasing Ram in both laptops and Desktops
  • Adding a dedicated graphics card to Desktop PC’s
  • Adding Wifi capabilities to Desktop or improving current wifi

Popular Services:

  • Improving the wireless coverage in your home/office – achieved by wireless extenders, home-plugs of Mesh devices.
  • Setting up additional equipment such as printers, NAS drives, Shared resources etc.
  • Setup your entertainment equipment such as Smart TV’s and Media Streamers
  • System Cleanups – full temporary files/cache clean out and Malware/Virus scan along with system optimization. 

Hourly Rate


If you have a list of various tasks that need carrying out on your various systems and devices, I will charge my hourly rate (note: Minimum charge for a callout is £25).

Most work will be carried out on site, but if the task is large or requiring disassembly of a device, then I will arrange to take the item away and return it to you at a suitable time.

I don’t have a shop – I work from home, so coming to your home or work place is preferred.

Price shown is per hour.

Virus/Malware scan / removal & System Cleanup


If your pc is starting to slow down, then maybe a system clean up will help. This can take a while if regular Disc Cleans and Defrags haven’t been done for some time. We’ll get rid of all those temporary files and turn off startup items that are not required. Sometimes slow downs can be caused by more serious problems like trojans and malware – we’ll advise once we’ve had a look at your pc.
This service also includes virus and malware scans and removal. To do this we use at least 3 or 4 various scanners in order to make sure your system is free of viruses, scam-ware and search engine hijackers.

Upgrade HDD to SSD with Data Clone


A popular upgrade for the older laptop!!

Got a laptop that you like but it just isn’t running as well as you remember? Solid State Drives are up to 10 times faster than the traditional Hard Disk Drive (mechanical). As they have no moving parts, they take knocks and bumps without a problem. They also draw less power and don’t get as warm.

I use a cloning method (note: your data needs to be less than the capacity of the new SSD) that copies your entire hard drive across to your new SSD – Operating System, Programs and Data.

* Price excludes cost of SSD Drive – price for up to 60GB of Data – additional costs may be incurred for larger data quantities (because it takes longer to do)

Windows Password Reset


Completely forgotten your password to log into your Windows system? Maybe you’ve bought a pc from a friend or ebay but the password for the admin user wasn’t included. Don’t worry – we can reset this password for you very quickly.

Screen Replacement or Jack Plug Repair


(touchscreens - £75*)

Laptop Screen Repair: It’s quite a common problem – laptop gets dropped or trodden on and the screen breaks. We can get a price for the replacement screen and fit it for you. We’ll normally take your laptop away and return it once the repair has been done. Contact us for a quote on the screen (we’ll need the make and model number of your laptop). Touchscreens can carry an additional cost.

Jack Plug replacement can an expensive repair as it can involve taking the entire laptop apart to get to the power jack. This is a common problem but a real pain to cure. If soldering is required, this would carry an additional cost. Contact us in the first instance and we’ll try and ascertain what is required and give you a quote.

* Price excludes Screen/Jack Plug

1-to-1 training


If you’re new to pc’s it can be a little daunting finding your way round. Maybe you’re new to the internet and just need help in searching and downloading. We can help with many aspects of using your computer, laprtop or tablet including: Using the internet, Storing your files, Making Backups of your important data, Ripping and Burning CD’s and DVD’s, Using MS Word or Excel. Just ask us and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Price shown is per hour.

Other devices

I will try and help you out on many devices. I have setup smart TV’s, turned TV’s into smart TV’s, helped with security cameras, set up printers, create automated backups and many other little things.

I will do my best to show you round your devices to get the best out of them.

Tablets & Phones

Sorry folks – I don’t do any repairs to Mobile Phones or Tablets.

I can help you navigate round and use your device, and set them up for you, but that’s about it.

What About Apple?

Simply put – I don’t support Apple products.

Apple do not support small businesses in any way – they make it increasingly impossible for your local repair guy to repair the incredibly expensive kit you’ve over-paid for.

Having said that – if you have an apple laptop or desktop and have issues with your network or email etc. (i.e. something not Apple specific) then I can help you out.

PC Building

I’m happy to build a PC to the specs you require (or advise on a build that would be a great fit for your needs).

Check out the Gaming PC section for my current Budget Gamer build and other PC’s available.