VCOM USB 3.0 A (F) to USB 3.1 C (M) Black Retail Packaged Converter Adapter


VCOM USB 3.0 A (F) to USB 3.1 C (M) converter adapter



A lot of newer products (phones, tablets, laptops and even desktops) are now being supplied with the new USB-C ports. These allow a lot more connections, including video & audio and the ability to charge the device, as well as all previous USB functions (connection of devices, external storage, peripherals etc.).

The problem is, at this moment in time, there are not too many products out there that use this interface, and we all have standard USB-A devices such as Flash/Memory drives, printers, external optical drives and hard drives etc.) This little converter allows you to carry on using your old USB-A devices on your newer laptop/tablet/phone – simply plug your USB-A in the female port and then plug it into your new USB-C port.

Backwards compatible with USB 1, 2 and 3  devices.