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Freeware Details for MediaMonkey
Ventis Media
Media Player & Sync/iTunes Replacement
MediaMonkey is what you need if you love music, need to get it organized, get it tagged, find lyrics and cover art, sync with your Android device or your ipod, ipad, iphone (yes, no need to use itunes), play music, use as a jukebox, find duplicates etc.
MediaMonkey is great for sorting your you media and will easily sync with your portable devices. You can also rip cd's, play multiple formats, share files over other DLNA devices on your network and so much more - all for FREE.
Ade's Comments
I really, really hate itunes! This piece of free software means you can sync with your media device (android and apple) without itunes (although you need some components from itunes to connect your apple device - Android just works!

Your can manage the media on your pc/lapop, device and network - all in a nice easy-on-the-eye interface. It will sync both music and movie files. You can use it as your default player for loads of formats. You can also rip and burn cd's, use it as a jukebox, download lyrics and artwork.... it's just an great all in one piece of software!
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