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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My PC or Laptop has slowed down - can you help?
Y: Yes - we can either come to your house/place of work and clean up your pc/laptop or you can drop it off to us.

Q: Do you support Apple products?
A: Short Answer - No. We have however helped Apple users in the past with things - Apple TV, Data Transfer, Network & Printer setup. We don't specialize in it, but me may be able to help.

Q: How far do you travel for home visits?
A: I usually keep my visits to within 10 miles of Sudbury, but I do have clients that are further away (Colchester, Stebbing, Bury St Edmunds etc.) - please contact us for further details.

Q: Who do you visit?
A: We look after home users, small businesses - anyone who uses a pc or laptop really!

Q: What times do you make home visits?
A: We usually call either during the daytime or evening - Monday to Friday. Weekend visits can be arranged by special appointment.

Q: Do you have a shop/store?
A: No, we work from home (office/workshop in the back garden!). We prefer to come to you if possible, although we are happy for people to drop off their laptop/pc for repair/cleanup/virus removal/upgrade if it is easier.

Q: Are you RB checked?
A: Yes. We look after a nursery school in Stebbing, so a CRB check has been carried out.

Q: Can you supply software or hardware?
A: Yes - we are happy to get prices for and supply anyting to do with your pc, laptop, network, printing requirements. Contact us for pricing and supply on anything and everything - PC's, Laptops, Components, Peripherals, Consulables, Software, Routers, Switches, Network Components, Tablets, Printers etc.

Q: It looks like I have a virus, can you help?
A: Yes - Virus/Malware/Spyware removal is a task we carry out regularly. It varies how long this takes - from 20 minutes up to several hours depending on the infection. We have a set rate for removal - however long it takes.

Q: I can't access my pc/Laptop as I've forgotten my password - can you help?
A: Yes, we can call in and reset your user password(s). We will try and help where we can with other password problems - e.g. If you use outlook/oulook express/live mail, we can recover passwords. With online accounts - we can help you try and recover them.

Q: Can you help me set up my router/network?
A: Yes. We can set up your new connection, ensure you have security set on your wifi network, check settings and change default admin passwords on your router, check faults on the network, set up printers, game consoles etc., expand your network/wifi with additional components and set up file sharing and transfer around your network. Contact us with your requirements.

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