New Products/Services

3rd August 2020: I shall be offering Microsoft Office 365 at competitive monthly rates (billed monthly) with the ability to easily add/remove additional users. Hosted packages are also available at…

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After Covid-19 & Lock-down

27 July 2020: Hoping all my lovely customers (current and future) have managed to navigate this crazy world we're currently living in. All services (including remote support) are available. Printers,…

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Product Catalogue

27 May 2020: Have started to include a product catalogue on the website - see "Products" under Items for Sale. Have also added another budget refurb laptop.

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Refurbished gaming laptop!!

12 May 2020: I've got a nice Lenovo GAMING LAPTOP in stock and ready to go!! See the Refurbished laptop page for more details - plenty of other laptops are…

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Refurb Laptops In Stock

1 May 2020: Just get a couple of nice refurbished laptops into stock - ready to go onto their new owner! There will be a couple more coming in next…

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New Website Taking Shape

16 April 2020: I've been meaning to update the site to something slightly more usable (and it is only slightly easier to update than my previous site!!). There will still…

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